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10/06/2011 / accfiber

Focus on Fibers: ACC Studio Feature in Gallery One

October 7th – November 27, 2011

Starting this Friday, October 7th, Gallery One will be showcasing current fiber work created by the ACC Fibers Dept. The show will be featuring work by Professor Jeanne Brady, former Artist-in-Residence Jess Jones, current Artist-in-Residence Amanda Ross, and fibers majors William Billy George, Natalie Johnson, Paula Rodgers, Lauren Bryant, Kristy Sullins, Deborah Tuggle, and Suzannah Dickens. Showcased in this exhibition are the elemental materials and the consideration of how and why to use them as vehicles for personal expression.

As Brady explains, “I am excited to see these young people learn and evolve as they gain the confidence to design, develop and create their own work – in essence, to express themselves. For these young people, expression through fiber art is their way of “being,” their way of participating in life. Wherever the path may lead, each is learning a lot about themselves, and the dedication and hard work art making demands of them. They are not afraid; this gives me hope.”

Gallery One is located at the Center, 1560 Craft Center Drive, Smithville, TN, and is open from 9am-5pm daily (central). Come see what the Fibers Dept. has been up to!


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