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10/29/2013 / accfiber


Hello Readers! Remember me? I’m Jessica and I am here to share with you the progress I have made on my double weave project.  I am creating a tube within a tube. I plan to hang it and insert 16 gauge wire light into it. I am so excited to see how it is all going to come together.  I have already woven the outer tube:


My first tube is exactly a yard long. I plan to hem it and sew a ring in the top so that it can be hung. The copper wire goes all throughout the tube, but it is woven tighter and at a higher quantity where my pattern yarn is located.  This allows me to manipulate those sections more than the rest of the tube to create interesting line qualities within a 3 dimensional piece which is what I have been striving to accomplish.

During the process of working on this project I have been greatly inspired by the works of Cedric Le Borgne. He has created a truly amazing body of work some of which he uses chicken wire and lighting plays a huge role in his art.  I have been inspired by the way he is able to transform spaces seen in everyday life to represent freedom from the constraints of life. Here are some of the pieces I love:

oiseaux-38 Les-Voyageurs-Genève-2


I am so excited to let you know that I have begun to work on my second tube that will go inside the first tube that I wove.  I have dyed all of my yarns by painting the dye straight on to my warp.  Here is the result:



The second tube is going to be smaller than the first. Then, it will hang inside of it.  I am currently preparing to weave the wire lights by hand into my smaller tube.  I acquired these lights from a store called Restoration Hardware.



This wire is going to be so much fun to play with! When turned on the small LED light gives off a yellow amber light, which I hope will work nicely with the copper wire. I have also been preparing to hang my piece and I think I have just about everything I need. What do you think?


Hope you check back soon to see how my project turns out. I plan to spend the semester on this weaving process, so far I have learned A LOT. Thanks for looking, OH! And if anyone knows of a good website to find information on double weave structures let me know. I have had a difficult time finding much online . Thanks!













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