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10/30/2013 / accfiber

Crackle Weave Off the Loom

My original idea for this project was to make a self portrait.  Since weaving is a medium I’ve connected with, I decided I wanted to weave my self portrait.

I wanted my weaving to be dark, like a shadow.  However, I wanted my weaving to contain many different colors and also a pattern.

Here is a close up of my pattern.  I decided to do an overshot crackle weave pattern.    I like the way the overshot fades in and out of my colored warp.

My weaving has turned out to be a little brighter than I originally planned, but the color suits my expression.

I wanted my project to be both utilitarian, so making a rug was my second part of my project.

The rug’s outline will be cut from my shape instead of my shadow, so that it will be more recognizable.


I am posing for my cut-out!

I decided more on a Zen shape because it will be at the front of my house in my doorway.  I wanted my shape to be welcoming,

relaxed, and express what I like.

Fleece will be used as the backing for my rug so it will make my rug sturdy.  I chose a dark navy for my fleece color.

Here is a close up of my pattern.  You can see the overshot crackle weave a little more clearly here.  Love the color!

I will be adding my finished piece on here once I’m done so check back!  Thanks for looking!


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