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12/03/2013 / accfiber

Weaving the River

The long hot summer days are behind us now, but I still find myself reminiscing about the Cumberland River.  So for my final project, I’ve decided to take the river to my loom!  This is Jinni, back from the crackle weave blogs!  To make a rolling wave effect, I decided to go with a double weave and dove into this book:  “Loom Controlled Double Weave”  by Paul O’Connor.  In his book I found these mobiles, that inspired me to pursue this idea further.




To make this effect, I will be weaving a differential double weave, which will allow me to advance one layer faster than the other.  Differential double weaves make pockets like this:


During my sample, I pushed it further and tucked the back layer through the front, to get these fun button-like shapes.




weavingsample2As I kept going, I started thinking that stuffing them would give them more body, and that way they won’t be slumpy sad buttons like this.

download-1I’ve decided my final piece will have both the pockets and the buttons working together throughout the piece.

downloadSo now that I’ve sampled and researched, I’ve tied on and started my final!  Here goes the testing for colors!  Keeping with my inspiration for the double weave, I’ve decided on blue and green like the Cumberland River.

Here’s my finished weaving! download-4

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