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12/10/2013 / accfiber

I See

Hi there, Beth again.  I’ve somewhat recovered from my, er, shall we say incident with the shadow weave, and managed to start it over and explore what it has to offer.  I used the same pattern but different yarn, and it gives a completely different look and feel, both because of the color and the fiber the yarn is made from. 

ImageIn place of the purple wool, I used a white linen, which has a very crisp texture and allows the fabric to hold its shape somewhat.    Since several of my classmates and I attended SOFA Chicago back in November, I’ve been trying to think of ways to make fabric more sculptural instead of a flat surface, and this is the first experiment to that end.  It’s not going to stand up to a harsh breeze, but it doesn’t flop over at the drop of a hat, either.  

draw me like one of your French girls


In addition to the more dimensional aspect, I’m enjoying playing with how the fabric looks different at different angles.  It almost seems like a different fabric if you look at the diamonds vertically vs. horizontally.  If I can just get the high contrast of black and white to stop messing with my eyes, I’ll be happy.


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