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09/25/2014 / accfiber


This semester started fast!

photoweek-1&2 012

Sometimes I just can’t be-weave how much potential there is with doubleweave!  So this semester, I thought I’d start running in many directions.  Linen is my new found love, so I’ve used it for my entire warp for my three samplers.  For my samplers, I want to pursue the possibilities of lace, metal, and wool techniques.

photoweek-1&2 015

I started using lace techniques that were developed for loom work.  Then I started looking at bobbin lace and thought I would give it a try on my loom.

photoweek-1&2 018

After many hours of tedious labor, I decided that this worked better in theory than on my loom.  Well, at least I had some good results out of the other lace samples.

photoweek-1&2 049

Some more sampling after my bobbin lace catastrophe helped move me along…

linenpics (4)

And I started sampling with metal wire.  I have really enjoyed the potential of this material so far.

linenpics (1)

Using the metal, I started picking up where I left off with my final last year.  Since there is no support inside the buttons, working with the metal helped to keep the structure raised off the woven surface.

linenpics (2)

So now I’ve started working with the wool, and I have combined it with sisal fiber.  I love these two materials together, but there are still more ways to push the boundaries on this sampler.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a message!  I’ll be back around midterm (Oct 28) to update my blog so check back with us!  Over & Out.  Jinni Copp


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