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12/08/2014 / accfiber

Semesters End

Final day is here already!  This is Jinni and I thought I’d share some picks of my finals in weaving 2 this semester.


This is my first weaving with metal in the weft.  I did some rust dyeing to see what the galvanized metal might do.  It rusted it well and I was able to form an organic shape because of the metal.


This was my second and last project in Weaving 2. These came from the tube in a tube weaving project.  I formed the shapes and stitched them down, although it still retains some dimension.  I really found the stripes to be interesting with this project.



For stability, I put some board in the back of the pieces, which also became the hanging devise.


The picture above is my weaving when it was still on the loom.  Each colored section is a tube with a tube inside it.  By doing a tube in a tube, it allowed me to work with the tubes attached to each other.  I then separated the tubes and was able to hang it on the wall as separate pieces.

DSC_0076 DSC_0078

These are my wire in the warp studies that I did for a part of final.  I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to put wire and fishing line in the warp, and it turned out working quite well in the end.  I was inspired with working the metal in the warp and will probably continue with it into my thesis.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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